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Welcome to a new voice for Local 150 members. This site is being developed to let members of Local 150 know what’s going on within the local and international organization they support with their hard earned dues money. Is Local 150 a great union? You bet it is. Is the Local transparent and democratic in all it’s transactions and communications with it’s members.? No it’s not. Can it be better. Yes it can. 150 Members Voice will shed the light in the dark corners they don’t like you to see. News they don’t want you to hear. To make suggestions where it can improve, and give members the tools necessary fight for your rights guaranteed in the by the laws as a union member.








150 Members Voice

Free at last, free at last, Bill Dugan, Vince Giblin can kiss my ass.This site is now free from password protection.

Happy New Year to all my Brother and Sister members. For the first time in over 2 years this information web site is free from password restrictions. This site is here for you. Information and news that our union would rather you didn't know. This site also has answers for those who think the union is screwing you, for those who think the BA is screwing you, and to see who really is screwing you. Where is your money being spent? What politicians are we supporting, and why? What is the main goal of this site? Its the goal every member should be seeking, honesty, fairness, transparency and most important union democracy. The tools for you to seek your own answers or verify mine are all here. Check out the Resources link. The only only thing I cant supply is the balls to use them, you'll have to grow a set of your own. So if you want to take this union back as Kevin Flynn says on facebook. I'm with you. Remember the officers and agents work for you, you pay them, make them earn every last cent.



Kevin Flynn

"Ok, brothers and sisters, lets make 2013 the year we take 150 back."


Sweeneys New Years Resolutions


IUOE top attorney accused of cover up


Local 150 lobbyist busy in Springfiled


Do nothing, overpaid National Building Trades Leaders say "get rid of the rat"


Former Hazmat Czar spills the beans on IUOE International pattern of Corruption


IUOE Corruption Probe Explodes in Local 501


IUOE Dumps Ethics Officer, duh! If you dont have any ethics why do you need a $360,000. per year ethics officer if you have no ethics?

Whats new?

11th IUOE VP Supports Union Busting Governor Walker, your dues at work


Why is it that IOUE union leaders are so stupid to fall for the same trick twice. Local 150’s Bill Dugan and Dave Fagan pledged their undying support for Gov. Mitch Daniels in Indiana telling the members how great a guy he was and he would never hurt Local 150, yea right. The first thing he did when elected was take away collective bargaining for tens of thousands of union state employees. Then he told Dugan he didn’t support RTW, oops lied again. Indiana is now RTW. Now we have another IUOE leader doing the same exact thing. Gooch McGowan supported Walker like a long lost brother, and now Walker is about to shove it up every union members ass. With leaders like these in the IUOE we will all end up working for nothing.

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