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January 11, 2013

IUOE's head Lawyer who destroyed IUOE members freedom of speech is in trouble again!


Richard Griffin was the head attorney for the IUOE for many years. Most of those years saw more corrupt union officers go to court and jail than any time in the history of the IUOE. Many of the heinous crimes against the members were never brought to the light of day even though he had to know about all of them. You can read about most of those cases on this website. Perhaps the worst offense was when Mr. Griffin at the behest of IUOE President Vince Giblin and VP Bill Dugan destroyed the members rights of free speech by mandating Password Protected websites for local elections. Presidential hopefuls, senators and governors can rip their opponents to shreds but god forbid a IUOE member has the freedom to express his opinion to the world. Now Mr. Griffin is in real trouble, being accused of complicity in a scheme to defraud and cover up embezzlement at Local 501 by firing employees who attempted to expose the issue. Once again corruption reigns supreme at the IUOE as members keep paying their dues to Support a $300,000 a year ethics officer James R Zazalli.

(Read the Wall Street Journal Article here)


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