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Local 150's Dennis Gannon proclaimed biggest union hog!

With unemployment in some union locals at post-Depression highs, Dennis Gannon has emerged as Chicago's most richly compensated union leader, with a monogrammed shirt that include presidential seals on his cufflinks. His job pays over $200,000, he draws a $156,649 pension (which he's been drawing since 2005, he's only 55) and a corporate directorship at Blue Cross Blue shield net him more than $500,000 annually. A half million dollars, crap I thought Bill Dugan was a pig, this guy is unbelievable. Dennis Makes no bones about taking a pay cut either, "Our finances are in good shape , so we dont have to make that adjustment". Boy Ill bet the trades people and laid off hotel workers and city workers wish they could say that. He says he paid 19% out of his pay to get that pension and everything was perfectly legal, right. The same AFL-CIO leadership that berates the corporate CEO's manages to suck the dues money out of workers while justifying themselves as worker warriors, what a bunch of crap.

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IUOE Local 150 makes top 100 Union Hogs

A recent survey by the Illinois Policy Institute announced a list a union bosses making 150,000 plus this last reporting session. I wonder if they gave two hoots about all their laid off members or offered to cut their salary to help members get through the winter, not likely. What really wasn't surprising was the fact that Local 150 had all of their officers and most of their legal staff right on top. They had a total of 11 people with a salary total of over 2 million dollars, wow. Kinda makes that unemployment check look a little cheesy, eh! Mysteriously missing was double dipping Dennis Gannon, IOUE member and President of the Chicago Federation of Labor. While the members make a pittance of their pay scale these hogs continue to drain union treasuries across the city. What a shame!


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United States Department of Labor Orders 2010 Election Under It's Watchful Eyes

Isnt it amazing how long justice takes! More than 2 years after the United Engineers Party stole the election away from the membership we finally get a decision from the USDOL. What was evident to all who opposed the Duganites finally is validated by ordering this goverment supervised election. All you out of work members can thank the Dugan/Sweeney regime for selling the cards necessary to get the votes they needed. Make no mistake this election was won by landscapers, clerks, underpaid union members, and lawyers, not true operating engineers. And all you real operating engineers who didnt vote for whatever reason now may have a chance to redeem yourselves. The order says it all, the suit was brought by the Sectretary of Labor for the "pourpose of voiding the election of August 2007". The only reason to void the election was if the winners cheated. It should have been voided immediately, but your local, not the united engineers party, fought the USDOL like hell to keep their jobs, and spent millions of your dues money to do it. The local not the United Engineers Party spent millions more suing members like yourself because they chose a different direction. The spinmasters at the glitterdome in countryside have already started setting up smokescreens for the members with a press release stating they welcome the DOL supervision, the fact is they dont have a choice. If they didnt do anything wrong why the hell are they being supervised? The truth is they cant be trusted and the Labor Department knows it. So maybe this time the members can have an honest election.

(Read the USDOL Order)

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Red Zone Yellow Zone Green Zone, What the he.. Do you think were stupid?

I think every member of this local should demand a drug test for the officers and trustees of the MOE. Anyone who could make up a story like that has to be on crack. I am talking about the MOE Pension Funding notice sent to the members of this local. They say our pension fund is in the yellow but the law says we can paint it green. So were painting it green and we are not going to do anything about it till later. Later? Later When? when the son of bi...... is flat broke. The members were warned during the election that we were underfunded but our illustrious leader Marshall Douglas says everything is fine and dandy. And now the multiplier is reduced again to 1.5% plus the members are being forced to make up the balance of the unfunded liabilities by taking a buck of your negotiated wages and benefits for 2009, add another buck, $2 for 2010 and continue adding 50 cents a year till 2014 and you get no net benfit gain in your pension, nothing. Why should the members have to make up for the trustees screwing up the investments of hard working members? Not surprising coming from the administration that likes to bait and switch, you know Elect Dugan and get a Sweeney. But how do you not have information about the pension for 2006, 2007 plan year? How is it not applicable? Your leaders are idiots. I urge every member to read every line of this letter, there are things written in this piece of crap designed for you to miss.

District 2.

Guess who was spotted at the last Ritchie Brothers Auction in Morris Illinois? Any guesses? It was the old hillbilly himself Bill Dugan. The one who had to retire because he couldnt bear to be away from his deathly Ill wife. I wonder if he bought his own fleet of trucks to buy more corn to to feed the Maryland buffalo? And guess who was at his side looking over the auctioneers fair? The corn hauler himself Mike Faulk and BA Dean Rankovich, now I wonder if they were on the members dime, or getting paid to be at an auction rather than taking care of the memberships business. Oh and just a note, does anyone know why Business Agent Joe Stiechen is selling hay to a contractor on the wind farm project that he and Dean has pickets up on? Just curious!

District 3.

Holy cow rumor has it that some officer is resigning and Chuck (bigfoot) August is about to be annointed as an officer of this great local. If thats true this union is doomed. Here's a guy under investigation for fraud, was arrested for spousal abuse, broke a deputy's arm, indicted by the Grand Jury, confronted peace officers with a loaded pistol. Is under investigation for possibly taking bribes, now thats just what this local needs for the fast track to nowhere...........

District 5.

Word from the field is Dean Rankovich has sent out another phony dispatch. Two members from Dist. 2 supposedly were sent out to the Wind farm in district 5 ahead of district 5 members. Last time I checked it was by call in date and qualification. Surely there are plenty of Dist. 5 hand that are qualified. I think it may be Dean who is not qualified!.............

July 2009 update: word has it that BA Joe Stiechen was hauled in before KIng Sweeney for selling hay to a contractor at the windfarm project and his a.. is on the line, do you think he'll fire him? Did anyone file with the ethics guru? Lets see, agents plead the 5th and not fired, agent lies 3 times to the labor board and not fired, agent points a gun at his wife head, not fired, agent breaks a county deputies arm, another agent fires a gun at contractors equipment, not fired. Its nice to know we have such great leaders in the field doesnt it? Oh well doesnt look like they will get rid of any slugs anytime soon. Oh and I hear that genius agent Rankovich got the local sued for striking the Dist. 5 windfarm job over a unbeatable jusrisdictional dispute, oh well whats another million dollar loss to the union treasury.


Where is the Capitol Bill? After months of trips to springfield, and hundreds of thousands of your dues dollars spent lobbying "our friends" where is the capitol bill? Sweeney says "We have worked hard for months to get this bill passed, and we are on the goal line," said Local 150 President-Business Manager James M. Sweeney. "Our members did an unbelievable job of getting in touch with their legislators and showing them how important this bill is to our membership as well as the State of Illinois. Members' efforts played a vital role in getting us to this point. Moving forward from here, I am confident that Governor Quinn will act quickly to sign this bill into law and get Illinois' men and women back to work." Well the capitol bill is no closer to the Governors desk than Jupiter is to your front door. And you can blame Tom Cross and all the gun loving house republican members that Todd Vandermyde spends his long days in Springfield lobbying against gun control with your dues money. Today is Saturday June 13, 2009. If something doesn't get passed soon you can kiss this season goodbye.

Monday June 15, 2009 4:52 pm. Still no bill!!!!

Saturday June 20th 2009, no bill today!!!

Saturday, June 26, where's the bill Todd, you got members hurting out there, too busy with your guns?You should check out Todds new truck plates, "GUNLOBY" not 150 members advocate, or 150 lobbyist just GUNLOBY, I am sure he finds a little time for the members who pay his salary.

Governor Quinn to Sign Capital Bills on Monday 7/13/09

The bills that will be signed are: HB255 (funding), HB312 (projects), HB2400 (bonding), and HB2424 (budget implementation). After being passed by the legislature in May, the bills were placed on hold until they were sent to Quinn's desk on June 30.

"We are very pleased to hear that the Governor will sign the capital bills. The state has been without a comprehensive capital spending plan for a decade, and this comes at a time of great need for working men and women in Illinois," said James M. Sweeney, President-Business Manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150, which represents heavy equipment operators on road, bridge, and vertical construction projects. Like th majority of building trade unions in Illinois, the economic downturn has meant increased unemployment for the members of Local 150.

I hope for the sake of all the hurting 150 members out there that this is true

It's True! Governor Quinn Signs $31 Billion “Illinois Jobs Now!”

Now I hope all the members will be sent out to work fairly

Capital Construction/Economic Recovery Plan Means Over 439,000 Jobs

Isnt it ironic that the Illiois legislature begins each session with a prayer and usually ends with an investigation!

Closing The District Offices Saturdays Is a Absolute Tradgedy.

What the he-- is this administration thinking? You close the offices to save money in our bloated budget, if there is such a thing. The people who got screwed are the underpaid office girls and of course the members. Why couldn't the 87 over paid ba's earning an average salary of $135,000 a year be at the office and at least and service the members. Thats the main role of a business agent. They are certainly capable of unlocking the front door and turning on the lights I think. More important, they are on salary, doesn't anyone understand that. SALARY. That means they should be on the payroll 24/7. Or maybe the reason is the 2nd floor leadership wants more time to golf or attend ball games with their kids? If I were a working members I would call their house on Saturdays and sundays, after all they work for YOU! or not.

Retiree Flash:

Apparently as of last Friday and according to dispatch from District 2 there is no longer a retiree out of work list. Not a suspension, not a hiatus, just no longer a list. This is per executive order from countryside. Due to the economy they say. Well it looks like the people that got you here don't count for much anymore, they cant run for office, even though they are the most experienced, they cant work, even though they are the most qualified, what's next, they cant vote because they know too much. I wonder if the local is selling permits? They better not be. If I were an operator on a job today and there was a permit member working next to me with long time brothers without work for 6 months and some longer I would be screaming bloody murder. How dare a permit be sold in this economy! Its absolutely unconscionable...........

Hold on to your wallets contractors, Sweeney is about to get you again.

It seems that some contractors are whining about paying benefits on owner operators. So I heard our genius's at the legal department came up with a solution. Waivers. A piece of paper that lets them opt out of paying fringes like other contractors have to do. In this economy it might seem like the sympathetic thing to do, except It makes it difficult if not impossible for a legitimate contractor to compete. One might assume this was written for Chuck August and his rat friends up in District 3, so they can join together and really screw the competition. You remember the sweetheart deal he gave to Jack Pease? You tell me how a union contractor can go up against an owner operator company that joins with other companies that have owner operator waivers and compete? If you dont think this will hurt members think again, you contractor pays full boat while the owner operator gets away with paying less, your staying home my friend. Jack Pease continues to flourish under the Chuck August agreement, this is one contractor that hasnt changed his spots. Check out how big he is now. (Click) Thanks Chuck!

waiver letter


6-26-09 I saw an Antigo drop hammer on 355 yesterday, Ill bet your a.. there's a permit there!

Is this How to balance the budget....if there is one.......?

While cutting BA's pay, and cutting hours for the underpaid office girls, why not hire your kids for the Local 150 IT department? Wonder who made that dumb move? Sweeney and Stan? Must have learned that trick from Giblin......

2009 Local 150 Family Picnic?

After years of not having a Union picnic it looks like the waves have parted and lo and behold a picnic has emerged. Bill Dugan fought against having a local or a district picnic for years, the same way he arbitrarily abolished the 25 year district dinners. He said said they were too expensive! But lo and behold a picnic has arrived. Why now I wonder? Surely not for political purposes? I am pretty sure they are not any less expensive than when Dugan complained about them. It sure seems strange that in a time when we are cutting staff wages, hours, and representation of the membership we can come up with money for a picnic. I wonder what the members would really want, a picnic or full representation? I have nothing against picnics but I would rather have my local concentrating on balancing our budget and getting me a job, not a picnic.

past Rumors and other things..........

Local 150 Loses Ground Heaters jurisdiction, more work for operators lost.

Andy Cole January 14, 2010

While an issue surrounding temporary heat on jobsites proved to be anything but temporary for contractors, the end result of a grievance brought by Operating Engineers Local 150 proved to be what was hoped for. As reported by Bob Casey of Ogletree Deakins, an arbitrator found that Local 150 did not have a jurisdictional claim to monitor the heaters based on the contract language.The arbitrator's decision closes the book on a dispute that has taken over two years to resolve. It's anticipated that this effectively ends these type of disputes as long as the contract language remains the same. Local 150's contract is one of several collective bargaining agreements set to be re-negotiated this spring. 


Chicago Labor's biggest hog calls it quits........gannon out!

(read it here)

RUMOR..........word has it that all the locals big wigs are meeting in Florida at this very moment about the next big change for local 150. You ready for this, its a merger talk. My sources tell me that Local 649 will be merged with Local 150 and that the state will have only 2 locals soon. 150 and 841. How will this effect us? Only time will tell, but you can be sure of one thing, you wont have a say. What do you think this is a democratic union? I hear that Kal Lester is about to retire (best damn agent this local ever had), and that slug lobbyist Todd Vandermyde is on his way out the door, I'd just like him to repay all the local 150 salary he spent on his gun lobbying bullshit in springfield before he goes, we could probably balance the budget.

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