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June 5, 2009


IUOE President Vince Giblin says the IUOE will stop bullying contractors.

At a high level meeting In Philadelphia the head of the International Union of Operating Engineers, Vince Giblin along with Doug McCarron, International President of the Carpenters union met with members of the Associated General Contractors Association and sought common ground. One of the more startling statements made at that meeting was one by the by the President of the International Union of Operating Engineers. President Vince Giblin said that the IUOE would discontinue their bullying tactics of contractors. WoW! What an incredible statement, the IUOE finally admits that for years they were bullying contractors, and maybe even members? In fact an ongoing fight in Illinois against a contractor who may or may not have been friends of a union election opponent has been continually harassed and bullied by Jim Sweeney the President of the scandal ridden union Local 150 . As much as they have tried to punish this contractor by denying him of the use of the National Maintenance Agreement, and additional grievances heaped upon the company, Chellino Crane has won every challenge the local threw his way. Here is a contractor that has been union for over 60 years. and employs hundreds of local 150 operators. Even before Chellino Crane won two challenges at the international level, local 150 tried to intimidate two of his his workers by pressing internal local union charges against them. These union operators were employed at an National Maintenance Agreement site in Joliet Illinois where Chellino was working under the NMA, they of course were supportive of the union election opposition-slate Team 150. President Giblin went so far as to say in the press release that the contractors could call him anytime, unfortunately he didn't leave his personal numbers. Maybe what is more revealing is the fact that he didn't say he would stop bullying or punishing his own IUOE members. That he wouldn't stop infringing on the freedom of internet speech (password protection), that he wouldn't keep his big nose out of local union elections. In the press release "Giblin claims his efforts to bring about a culture change in his organization and to get rid of poor local leaders, including his recent take-over of a New Jersey local. "We've looked the other way too long in this organization," he said. Some local leaders have "been rocked to sleep." They had it "too good" for a long time and are now facing rough times for the first time. "All they've ever done is beat you guys up with a billy club. That's got to stop," he said, adding that cleaning up the organization is a slow process. "We're making progress, but it takes time." The fact is the Feds forced Giblin to take this local over and none of the crooks involved in robbing the members of the IUOE were ever punished by the IUOE or the executive board mopes. One has to assume that this press release was another poor attempt to again pacify the federal hounds that are at his heals and his sons and the whole executive board of the iuoe for continuously placing their well being over that of every dues paying member of the IUOE.

(read the press release)

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