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Bylaws changes coming!! Be afraid!

"No, man’s life, liberty, or property are safe while the Legislature is in session” is a classic political phrase referring to laws and taxes passed while appointed or elected political leaders are in session. I'm afraid that in Local 150 that phrase could apply to any day the 150 officer dictators are in Countryside. Steve Cisco boldly announced in the latest copy of the Engineer that Bylaws changes are coming, not suggested or offered, just coming. He outlined 5 separate changes that are to be shoved down the members throats. The reason I say that is these changes are apparently coming directly from the officers and their lawyer talking heads at the glitter-dome in countryside. Three members of the executive board were polled, and until the newspaper came out last week they were completely unaware any bylaws changes coming. The last time I checked it was the executive board member that was elected in his district to represent the members of that district. Shouldn't they be the ones proposing the changes that the membership wants? And shouldn't they be the ones proposing members wishes? Here's exactly what the bylaws says in Article XII, "The Executive Board shall be the policy forming tribunal of the Local Union...". I know none of the amendments were proposed by the members because we haven't had any district meetings. So the dictators have spoken. Oh I am sure we will get to vote on them, I am just not sure when or where or how. Although, the current bylaws are very specific on where, when and how these bylaws are supposed be amended. (Read Bylaws Article XXVI here.) The favorite Dugan tactic was to stack a General Membership meeting and do it there. Remember the training site vote? In reviewing the changes it's not hard to figure out the game plan, make sure the incumbents never lose. When you read stuff like "we intend to ammend the bylaws", "at the discretion of the election commission," "setting time limits" and whether electronic balloting is discretionary, I would worry. Probably the most telling though is the proposal to omit the reference to the AFL-CIO ethical practices code and adopt the IUOE placebo version. Why you say, well because the AFL-CIO version states that" if however, a trade union official decides to invoke the Fifth Amendment for his personal protection and to avoid scrutiny....into alleged corruption on his part, he has no right to hold office in his union". How many Local 150 officers and agents have pleaded the 5th in cases already? Plenty! So nothing really in the bylaws changes protect or enhance the members status, only the power within. Bummer.


Local 150 Bylaws

AFL-CIO Code of Ethical Practices

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