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IUOE Local 14 mob investigation ends in deal with Feds

The New York City local branch of the International Union of Operating Engineers, a 1,500-member union which includes crane drivers in the city, has agreed to Federal oversight. The deal comes after the US Eastern District of New York court made a civil suit against the organisation in late July on charges of links with racketeering and corruption.

"For some time, the construction industry in New York City has been infiltrated, controlled, influenced and corrupted by La Cosa Nostra families," the deal agreement says. US prosecutors allege that since at least 1981 the Columbo and Genovese organized crime families have exercised 'corrupt influence' in Local 14 by accepting labour bribes from construction contractors and securing no-show jobs for organized crime associates. A total of 26 officers, representatives and members of the union have been convicted of labour racketeering in two lawsuits in 2003 and 2004........(Read Story)

Here is a copy of the of the press release from the Justice Department and the complete consent decree.


Why is this important? Because when corruption exists and is allowed to persist in Unions the Feds get involved. In my lifetime as an operating engineer no Officer or agent has pleaded the 5th amendment in a trial or proceeding that I was ever aware of. No officer was under investigation by the FBI. No officer borrowed hundreds of thousands of dollars from an entity he had influence over. Not too ethical by the way. No business agent was accused of being involved in fraud. We now have 2 agents that are proven wife beaters. One that broke a deputy's arm. One that lied repeatedly to the DOL and they all still work for the local. Also in the last 3 years you have a Local 150 attorney with a union card in his pocket pleading the 5th for everyone including some of your officers. In a case filed in Federal Court that is being watched by the FBI, Peter Pena vs. A&C Landscape (Case #05 C 3571) Steve Cisco on advice of one of our own union attorneys pleaded his 5th amendment rights when asked "was the grievance board outcome fixed?" Brian Diemer another attorney with a 150 card in his pocket also asserted the 5th amendment rights for Bob Darling and Chuck August or any agent of Local 150 during the same deposition. If you remember this is the case that was filed because members who filed a grievance had it reduced from $125,000 to $25,000 even after the grievance board was deadlocked. Why didn't it go to arbitration? Then there was the infamous meeting between retired FBI agent Richard Houston and Contractor agent Bruce Larson. This is the 2nd case where Steve Cisco has had to assert his 5th amendment rights against criminal prosecution. What the hell is going on in this local? If you've done nothing wrong, just answer yes or no. Are these union officials hiding something, when are we going to hear the truth, after the indictments come down. Oh yea, and who the hell is paying for all these lawyers? You are!! Below is a link to Steve Cisco's deposition. Pay attention to pages 32, 33, and 34.

Steve Cisco Deposition

So the question remains, will local 150 fall victim to the Feds and be put under a connect decree like local 14? Will there be transparency and democracy in Local 150, or will it continue to be business as usual? What are you going to do about it?

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