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The officers of the 150 Administration enrolled in dance classes this week in preparation for future careers. Why you ask? If you read the Local newspaper and or the Indiana news, or watch CBS you'll see that in many peoples opinions they have lost their minds. While operators all over the local are without work, 40% says the CBS report last night, what has Officer Fagan done to help out? Well he and Dugan made good friends with a certain Indiana Governor named Mitch. Dugan said he was good for Labor and Local 150. But what does he do the first time he's elected? He gets rid of collective bargaining for all public employees. Now there 's a great union supporter. And guess what else? Shortly after that he decided to sell the Indiana Tollway, again Dugan and Fagan said this is good for 150. So we gave him $50,000 and Mitch immediately helped set up a ABC non union training program to help take our jobs. Good job Fagan. Now this next one will really show you why our leaders should be dancing instead of running this local. Mitch Daniel's on his second time around with Local 150's help and your PAC money, is supporting a Senate republican sponsored bill to rid the unemployment role of cheats and scammers, like operating engineers, oh yea thats us. Mitch says doing away with unemployment for seasonal workers (construction workers) in Indiana is a good thing. And if that wasn't enough to make you sick Officer Fagan than tries to garner the sympathy of all hoosiers by quoting in the newspaper that the average 150 operator only makes $65,000 a year and wont survive without unemployment. That was a brilliant statement at a time when 85% of the state hates unions anyway. Thanks Dugan, thanks Fagan, Thanks Sweeney. Keep up the dance lessons.

Does anyone remember the promise Sweeney made during Dugans campaign, or was it Dugans promise in Sweeney's campaign, the results were the same anyway, Sweeneys in. One of them said we would have a budget to run this local by. Well lo and behold, in the last 150 newspaper we were all told we now have 2 budgets. Thats right, one if we get a Capitol Bill and one if we dont, but for the life of me I still cant find a copy of that budget. Sweeney also said that if things got worse he would take drastic measures, I mean really get tough, he even threatened to close dispatch on Saturdays. Now somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I happen to know that the BA's salaries are calculated on a 60 hour week at the Building rate with double time included in the 20 hours over 40. So, if Sweeney closes the office on Saturday the only ones who benefit are the BA's, because they dont have to show up, in essence he just gave them a raise at the members expense. Most of them are not serving the members now. Oh and in case you missed the 2008 LM2 on the resources page of this website Sweeney made sure he got his, $258,550, oh and don't forget the $80,000 and Health Care for life he's going to get for accepting the IUOE VP position. Wow not bad for a mechanic annointed Business Manager.

Now everyone knows we are in deep doodoo on the economic front. The pension multiplier is now 2% as of January 2009 and will go down again very soon. So wasn't it strange to see the comment made in the Tribune by operating engineer Dennis Gannon of the Chicago Fed. saying that the solution is to stick our hard earned pension money in the new downtown SPIRE building. Doesn't anyone realize that at most it would produce 50 jobs for operating engineers. Lets see now, 40% of operating engineers are out of work, thats 9200 members. Now if we dump our pension money into the SPIRE that would mean we could put 1/2 of 1% of the out of work list to work on that project. Wow, talk about dumb ass thinking, this takes the cake. And you want to know why they signed up for dance lessons.

Well there is so much more dumbness out here in Sweeneyville and I know that people say I just only criticize, but if anyone out there can show me what good these leaders are doing for the membership I will talk about it too. Until then I wish the administration well in their new dancing careers , sounds like they'll need them. In the meantime Click the Arrow below and watch the action in dance class.

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