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Local 150 Democracy down the toilet

Recording-Corresponding Secretary Steve Cisco reported that the By-Law Amendments were passed by a margin of 385 in favor to 22 against at a specially called and miniupulated General Membership meeting conducted thursday September 3rd, 2009. The International now has the By-Law Amendments and we are waiting for their final approval. Only 407 members (1.7% of the total membership) voted for issues that will effect their union lives forever. There are over 23000 members in local 150. We have become a union of sheep. How disgusting is that. This is how the training site vote and dues increase was rammed down our throats and how your union will be run from now on. By holding a special meeting at the glitterdome in countryside technical fiasco's included, they control who comes and who votes. Why didnt they have a mail referendum? Why indeed. Cost? Well they think nothing of spending millions harassing union members with bogus lawsuits and outside lawyers. But a few bucks for democracy, nada. Welcome to your future.

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