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For many years Bill Dugan fought his reelection campaigns from his plush office on 2200 Joliet Rd in Countryside. He was surrounded by heads of Giraffes, Antelope and other big game shot in Africa, trips generously muscled from staff members at Christmas time. Except for this last election, not once did he enter the field or see a member in support of his reelection. Bill Dugan was surrounded by business agents that flew helicopters and delivered pizza with company cars and as long as they were willing to do his bidding thats how he got elected year after year. We all did it to keep our jobs, oh yea that and a $100 a month to boot. Bill was truly on a space oddysy, missing in action. He took care of his buffalo, his gun loving politicians, as much corn as he could get, and whatever he needed from the training site. I thought this a fitting tribute. Enjoy

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