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No Election Petitions

Article XIV Section 2. of the Local 150 bylaws require persons seeking candidacy for office in the triennial election must obtain on a nominating petition 200 signatures. If you do the math thats 19 potential officers, multiplied times 200 signatures per candidate is a potential 3800 voters whose intentions are now known to the administration goons. Whats worse is that they are now open to discrimination and harassment from the administration before the election even starts. This ridiculous rule came from Bill Dugan himself and rammed through with his puppet executive board to eliminate elections and opposition all together. Whats more ridiculous is the fact to protest this rule you have to wait until after the election, and protest to the idiots who run the ship. If we ever want free and fair elections in this local this rule has to go. Call Sweeney today and tell him to change it now! Better yet call Shamus McGee from the USDOL and complain to him. All calls and information will be kept in strict confidence.


Investigator Shamus McGee


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