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Marshmallow talks drugs

In the March issue of Local 150 Engineer officer Marshall E. Douglas II talked about drug abuse and the devastating toll it takes on the lives of everyone it touches. It hurts specifically when a brother or sister is affected by direct addiction or by the consequences of drugs. I firmly believe in a strict drug testing policy to rid the trades of anyone addicted, while promoting a policy that helps the members fight this dreaded epidemic. Most if not all of our collective bargaining agreements have a drug policy, and almost every plant, nuclear facility and refinery employs pre hire drug testing. Thank God for that, our construction environment has enough safety hazards built in without the added burden of some careless operator abusing drugs and endangering himself and scores of fellow tradespeople. Unfortunately officer Douglas didn't take his leadership role far enough. If he and our officers really want to show the membership they were serious about ending drug abuse they would start with examples from their own house. They would do random testing of all the officers, agents, organizers and staff and a regular basis, no exceptions! In my 2nd year as a business agent thats exactly what happened. We were all called for a special staff meeting and were all ushered into the countryside hall where a testing facility had been set up and everyone had to do a pee test. Well almost everyone, I am pretty sure Cisco never did. After that one test it never occurred again in the rest of my 19 years on staff, and to my knowledge still isn't happening, I wonder why? Every member of this local should demand the very same behavior from its leaders that is expected of you. If you have to take a drug test for employment, so should the whole 150 administration. Leaders should lead by example not just talk about. So listen up 150 leaders, you want to the members to be drug free, then set the example with drug testing stricter then theirs. Get off your ass and lead.

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