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How is our pension doing? Not so great says Moody s, the most prestigious money investors in America. According to the Pension Protection Act of 2006 multi-employer (plans set through unions and company sponsors) plans are evaluated via their funding levels. To ensure retiree benefits are protected, when a multi-employer plan falls below certain funding levels, stronger funding requirements become effective under provisions of the Pension Protection Act of 2006. Plans whose funding levels are below 80% are referred to as “endangered,” while those below 65% are referred to as “critical.” The list of 108 union pension plans below is from the Moody's September 2009 report. The ones in green print are at the endangered level, the ones in red are critical. So all that bull.... our Treasurer Marshall Douglass keeps telling you sounds like it really is, bull.... More crap from the Dugan/Sweeney regime. When your surrounded by nitwits it must be hard to steer the ship.Sweeney throw them nitwits overboard and right this ship.

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