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Giblin Resignation Insures Mafia East





The Hogs Are Back

Bill Dugan trained, and and politically connected Dennis Gannon and Local 150 VP Jim McNally embarrassed Local 150 and its members this week at a time when Organized Labor is aleady reeling from Tea Party attacks, cheesehead enimas from Wisconsins Gov. Walker and the all out assault on working men and women everywhere. These two boneheads are claiming they followed the letter of the law, ok, maybe thats true, but where the hell was their moral compass? And did they have anything to do with writing that law? Where is their compassion for the working operator starving to death on the out of work list. These two mopes knew exactly what they were doing, Gaming the system with the help of their politically connected friends that are addicted to the crack cocain called IUOE PAC funds. Now Tom Cross the Republican minority leader in Springfield wants to punish these morally perverse idiots. The same Tom Cross that received the $30,000 cash Statesman of The Year Award from Local 150 and a regular recipiant of union PAC funds, wow I cant wait to see that punishment. These two mopes are the leaders local 150 members inherited from another Local 150 crook, Bill Dugan. Wake up members, they only care about themselves, not you!











Local 150 shows contempt for members, dedicates training facility to a self admitted crook? While members are starving and the union broke this administration asked the Feds to pay Dugans way here for 3 days and give him gifts with your dues money.Disgusting!

In a complete disregard for the respect for thousand's of operating engineers in local 150 it is rumored that the Sweeney administration is about to dedicate the multi million dollar facility to the memory of an indicted and self admitted crook, Bill (Buffalo) Dugan. This comeplete disregard for dues paying operating engineers is irresponsible and unconscionable. This pirate conspired to trick thousands of members to pay for this facility with an exhorbitant dues increase that has lasted for years and still exists today. Using thugery and meeting stuffing he garnered the votes to pass a dues increase that members are still paying for today. Not only that, the union entered a plea to the feds to allow the union to pay for him and his family and give him gifts. Union leaders that stael from the members and dishonor their union deserve jail, not platitudes. If this is the type of local we built? Hell no. When are the members going to say enough is enough?? After you read these documents you will puke.

Unions Plea for Dugans expenses and gifts.

Chief Councils sad story.

Text from Dugans senetencing.


IUOE Business Manager Terry McGowan supports union buster Governor Scott Walker.

Now Governor Scott Walker is destroying Wisconsin Unions under the guiss of budget reform. In a tearful sounding rant to the members of IUOE 139, McGowen in the unions newsletter he claims he didnt want other unions pushing him around now lets see how 139 membership gets screwed. I wonder what was in it for him?? Check out the action in Wisconsin here.


IUOE President Vince Giblins son Dennis Pleads Guilty, more crooks at the top. Where is our ethics guru now? Must have got some pointers from Dugan.

Former N.J. union chief admits taking $10K in kickbacks

Dennis J. Giblin, the nephew of a Democratic Assemblyman and scion of a family that for decades has run one of New Jersey’s most powerful labor unions, pleaded guilty in federal court in Newark yesterday to taking $10,000 worth of kickbacks and stealing a $1,300 couch.

The 37-year-old former president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 68 told a federal judge he hired a contractor in 2004 to install equipment for the union’s training program. In exchange, Giblin said he accepted more than $10,000 in renovations to his Jersey City condominium.

"Do you dispute that you received an improper gratuity?" asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Moscato.

"No," said Giblin, who stood unshackled before U.S. District Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh with his hands clasped, wearing a dark suit and tie.

The admissions mark a long fall for Giblin, whose father, Vincent J. Giblin, is the union’s national president and former chair of the board of directors for Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield of New Jersey. His uncle, state Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin, is Local 68’s business manager and the former state Democratic Party chairman.

Neither Vincent nor Thomas Giblin were charged or implicated in the investigation. They did not return calls yesterday seeking comment.

Based in West Caldwell and founded in 1958, Local 68 represents nearly 5,800 boiler-room and building-maintenance workers in New Jersey.

Dennis J. Giblin was administrator of an education fund that provided job training to workers in 2004 when he hired a company for $315,000 to install audio-visual equipment, authorities said. Eight months later, the company installed equipment in Giblin’s Jersey City condominium, discounting the parts and doing the work for free, authorities said.

Giblin also said he used $1,329 from the education fund to buy a couch, which he had delivered to his home.

"Was this couch property of the education fund?" Moscoto asked. "Yes," Giblin said.

He pleaded guilty to receiving kickbacks and embezzling. Giblin faces up to one year in prison under the terms of his deal with prosecutors. He has not agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in future investigation, said his lawyer, Cathy Fleming.

Cavanaugh scheduled Giblin’s sentencing for Nov. 29.


April 07, 2010

Second Local 17 union official pleads guilty in racketeering case

A former business agent of Operating Engineers Local 17 today became the second former official of the union to plead guilty to federal charges of racketeering conspiracy. Gerald H. Franz Jr., 48, pleaded guilty to felony crimes before U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny. He was one of 12 members of the local arrested in April 2008, following a lengthy investigation by Buffalo agents of the FBI and U.S. Labor Department. The investigation focused on threats, vandalism and harassment of non-union contractors and workers at construction sites throughout Western New York, according to Charles B. Wydysh, a prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney's office.(read here)



March 24, 2010

A former local union boss who owns a buffalo farm in Maryland pleaded guilty today in federal court in Chicago to a misdemeanor charge of violating labor law by accepting livestock feeders from a company that employed workers from the Chicago union. William Dugan, former president of the Operating Engineers Union Local 150, admitted to taking concrete buffalo feeders from an Elgin company in 2005. He could face up to a year in prison when he is sentenced in September.Dugan, 76, who retired from his union post in 2008, now lives on the buffalo farm in Maryland. He formerly served on the Illinois Gaming Board. As part of his plea agreement, Dugan also admitted illegally taking other items of value in the past. Dugan said he accepted a front-end loader in 2002 from another company that used union workers, according to his plea agreement. Dugan also had a farmer who was renting land from the union give him two 400-bushel truckloads of feed corn each year from 2003 through 2005. In addition, he improperly used a semi-tractor and trailers belonging to an apprenticeship program while he was chairman of its board in 2003.Dugan's attorney, Joseph Duffy, declined to comment Monday. Dugan had no comment as he left the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse.(read here)




President Giblin throw hissy fit! Employs my way or the highway philosiphy in Los Angelas Local 501.

At first, it seemed like a straightforward matter. Jim McLaughlin, who had led the operating engineers’ union local in Southern California for 17 years, was reviewing some expense accounts and grew convinced that his local’s apprenticeship coordinator had charged more than $2,000 in improper expenses to the apprenticeship program. (read more)

Feb. 17, 2010

No good greedy bastards

According to the latest LM2 from IUOE Local 14 It pays its Business manager $315,498. It has 4 business agents each of them make at least $270,000 and year. It has 1475 members with 124 members with over 50 years service. Thats means each agent has to represent 370 members. I have had single jobs with that many members on it. Who the hell are these greedy bastards? (Check out the LM2 here.)

Money manager screws Local 324 Members pleads guilty to $24M pension fraud

John Orecchio, 44, said in a signed plea agreement he also used money that was supposed to be invested on behalf of union members to pay for a horse farm, luxury automobiles and chartered airplane travel.One of the pension funds belonged to Michigan Local 324. There are invenstigations still ongoing in that Local.

Local 139 Union Brother provides forum for fearful membership.

I'm proud to be a member of the IUOE Local 139 so I'm not going to hide.

July 2009

Local 324 members suffer with bonehead investments

Take the Operating Engineers. The pension fund for top officials in its Washington headquarters has $85 million for 401 participants, or $209,000 apiece. It is 108% funded. Local 324's $1.4 billion rank-and-file fund has 18,000 participants, or $79,000 per head, and is 81% funded. Some of the difference can be explained by boneheaded investments like the $60 million Local 324 put into AA Capital or the $28 million it sank into rebuilding a Detroit office building that it sold for $4.5 million in 2004.

(Read Here)



Appellate court upholds IUOE bullying tactic against rank and file!

IUOE President Giblin pledges to stop IUOE bullying tactics against contractors, but continues open season on his own rank and file. Members who rail against the union establishment during local union elections will continue to have the draconian practice of having their election web site locked up with password protection. This is the decision of the appellate court in Washington DC. The IUOE claims unbearable harm will befall the union because information from these sites could leak into the hands of unscrupulous contractors. The same contractors who are members and can get the same information on the job or at the hall. A member can start a web site and put anything he wishes in his site but if he supports a candidate it must be locked, what a load a crap. This is more of the transparent policyVince Giblin bragged about after he was anointed President of the IUOE.

(Read decision here)

Club Fed Ahead for another Giblin buddy and former IUOE VP

    The leader of Springfield N.J.,based IUOE union local 825 was sentenced today to three years and 10 months in federal prison for participating in a bribery scheme tied to the building of the Goldman Sachs office tower in Jersey City. Kenneth Campbell, of Basking Ridge, had risen from a crane operator to the business agent of Local 825 of the International Union of Operating Engineers. He admitted in October to taking more than $250,000 in kickbacks and spending workers' money on televisions for himself and a Lincoln Town Car for his father. "I wish I had stayed a crane operator," Campbell said, his husky voice cracking as he stood before U.S. District Judge Stanley R. Chesler. Chesler ordered Campbell to pay a $40,00 fine and about $247,000 in restitution to the union. The crime, the judge said, was not simply a lapse in judgment. "It was sheer unmitigated greed," Chesler said. In exchange for the kickbacks, the contractors were allowed to circumvent their collective bargaining agreement obligations, including using non-union labor on some jobs and having fewer than the required number of operators on certain pieces of equipment.(Read here)

(read the entire article here) (read the complaint)

January 21, 3:29 PM

General President Vince Giblins Son indicted and cuffed appears before judge

Federal authorities in New Jersey today charged the nephew of a state assemblyman with skimming union funds to pay for work on his condo. Dennis J. Giblin, president of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 68 and administrator of its Education Fund, could face several years in federal prison if convicted of the counts contained in a federal indictment.
Giblin's father, Vincent J. Giblin, is national president of the union and chairman of the board of directors of Horizon Blue Cross-Blue Shield of New Jersey.
His uncle is state Assemblyman Thomas Giblin, an Essex County Democrat who ran the union for decades and now serves as its business manager.
Dennis Gilbin turned himself in this morning, then was brought in handcuffs before a federal magistrate in Newark. He was released on $25,000 bail.....(Read Here)


Big Hog Dennis Gannon Gets Booted From The Trough

November 07, 2011

Dennis Gannon, the former IUOE union leader who has become a poster child for public-pension excesses, has left his job at Grosvenor Capital Management L.P., which invests pension fund money.

The former head of the Chicago Federation of Labor was hired earlier this year to help drum up business from public-employee pension plans. Grosvenor figured the one-time Local 150 heavy equipment operator for the city of Chicago knew the ins and outs of public pensions. Apparently too well.People close to the situation say Mr. Gannon left voluntarily because it became difficult to do his job amid media scrutiny of the six-figure city pensions he and Local 150 VP James McNally and other former union officials are collecting. Mr. Gannon could not be reached, and Grosvenor declined to comment.

Read more:

Governor Daniels supports Right-to-Work for
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