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These 2013 New Years resolutions arent really Jim Sweeney's. He or his officers wouldnt have the balls to implement them. But if we the members are to expect the best Local and representation for our hard earned dues money the leadership should adopt all of these resolutions for 2010 for the good of the membership not the continued protection of the kingdom.

Local 150 Jim Sweeney's top twenty 2013 New Years Resolutions

I promise, to cut all Officer and Ba Pay till employment reaches 85% and put money in assistance fund. Currently we have more agents per member and pay them more than any union in the country. Make all officers and agents accountable for their time and their milage in the unions cars, if the BA's are not working the 60 hours they get paid for, Ill cut their pay.

I promise, to have a member review committee of all business agents, if they are not doing their job, fire them. Adopt best business practices of performance review, measurement, accountability and consequences.

I promise, any staff person pleading the 5th will be fired immediately.

I promise, any agent, officer or staff that jumps the out of work list, or lies about it will be fired. All craft foreman will call the hall for the next available man, not an operator by name.

I promise, to have year round union meetings. Open the offices on saturdays, the members are paying the bills anyway and deserve all the representation they pay for.

I promise to pass Bylaws changes that will establish "checks and balances" on the Business Manager, Officers and Local 150 staff. These checks and balances will help ensure that Local 150 operates in a transparent and fiscally responsible manner.

I promise, to establish a budget and stick to it.

I promise, to publish in the Engineer Newspaper the following: Quarterly financial reports on the use of members' dues money and Quarterly pension investment returns.

I promise, starting with my own family that Nepotism, political hiring and favoritism should have no place in the Local 150.

I promise to encourage all members to run for office and not to punish them when they do. We will not persecute members who challenge or vote differently than the administration.

I promise, to install term limits for all officers.

I promise, to establish a board of members to disperse money from the assistance fund so you don't have to beg some officer or be his buddy to get assistance. To give an honest accounting of all monies in the assistance fund. Not how many boxes of food you gave away.

I promise, to give an honest account in the union paper of all PAC funds and how they are dispersed.

I promise, to let the members decide who Local 150 is going to support in all elections that involve their districts, counties and state, and country.

I promise, to establish guidelines for a reason for the union to sue any member. Reduce the number of lawyers on staff. Cut Dale Piersons pay. Lawyers belong in the lawyers union not ours, they should never be able to sue a brother or sister 150 member.

I promise, to not print untruths or misrepresent the truth in the union paper.

I promise, any money received by any officer from being on any outside board is to be deducted from their base pay, or turned over to the assistance fund.

I promise, to put a real 150 operating engineer back in all the dispatch hiring halls.

I promise, to let the office staff unionize. We profess to be union, they should be also.



ps: if any member has some good suggestions let us know

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