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This is what vengance looks like!

This is what greed looks like!

This is what a union out of control looks like!

Spending union members dues money to punish and manipulate individual members for the control of all the members is the most abusive way to run a union I have ever seen. All this money was used to punish members who chose another path, the right path, the path that chooses democracy over dictatorship. A path that upholds the members not the elite overpaid rulers and enforcers. There is only one reason to spend like this, and that is to intimidate future members from ever running against the Dugan/Sweeney kingdom again. If you think Dugan is gone guess again, his dirty fingerprints are on every decision made since the annointing of King Sweeney, including the latest dumb political one. We have gone from a union who respected members challenges, democracy and a fair fight to a bunch of cowards that use million$ of members own dues money to intimidate, harrass and thwart union democracy at every turn.


These figures do not include the cost of the 150 legal department $1,742,804 for 2008

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