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Our own pigs at the trough, Dugan taught them well



What is wrong with this picture? According to Local 150's own Dennis Gannon, nothing. As long as your on the feeding end of trough, fed by the taxpayers and the hard working operating engineers who actually sweat and get dirty for a living. Dennis Gannon sold out the members for a pittance of a contract but made damm sure he gets all of his and more. "When Mayor Daley was seeking cost-cutting concessions from city workers this summer, he turned to Gannon -- and largely got them". "I never thought I would see such a lack of leadership in the Chicago Union; people so scared and crippled as Dennis Gannon and the Chicagoland Union Management team. Dennis looks like a wounded puppy every time he is pictured at the latest City Hall bargaining sessions. Chicago labor bosses live like kings and their laziness is quickly destroying the union worker in Chicago." Patrick McDonough/ChicagoClout Dennis claims the pension deal was absolutely legal and I am sure it is but it certainly raises the issue of ethics. Besides that it really stinks. Once again the Local 150 Operating Engineer leadership is on the lower end of the moral and ethical scale. It really is not surprising though, our business agents are the highest paid in the nation not because they work that hard but because it keeps them in line. Maybe the next bylaws changes ought to address the ethics of our leadership, not changes that keep them in power. soooooiiiieeeee!!!!!!







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