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3/30/09 Sweeney Leadership Fails Again

In what seems like and endless quest for insatiable punishment of the election opposition, the Sweeney legal geniuses lose a huge one. This loss not only hurts the Local and membership but creates havoc for every Local in the IUOE. The story begins at the Mobile refinery in Joliet, where where contractor Chellino crane was the crane rental contractor for turnaround project at the facility. Under the terms of the National Maintenance Agreement the contractor has the right to choose his craft foreman and assistant, ARTICLE XIII Supervision. Something that contractors like Chellino never took advantage of because in the past we sent the best qualified we had in those positions.The story begins after Chellino was forced to take 2 inept people to fill these positions. Mobile Oil requested that the 2 be removed, they were offered positions lasting until the end of the turnaround but they refused and quit. Chellino crane then asked 2 operators that had filled these positions in the past at that facility to step in and do the job of Craft foreman and assistant. By all reports they were doing an excellent job. The Union proceeded to file grievances against Chellino crane under two different agreements, MARBA( local building agreement) and NMA, and then filed charges against its own 150 members, who just happened to be opposition supporters. That grievance went to the NMAPC committee in DC and was won by Chellino but that didn't stop Sweeney and the whole 150 legal dept.(13 card carrying attorneys). Now the local proceeded to railroad the 2 members that took these positions. Because they didn't get the results they wanted they then grieved Chellino under a different agreement (MARBA Building) because he was signatory to both and at the same time held a trial trial in district 2. Sweeney at that meeting had the audacity and stupidity to say Chellino was working under both agreements at the same time. You may be signatory to many agreements at the same time but you sure as hell cant work under two agreements at the same time. At the MARBA grievance the Local fabricated the story that Chellino has violated the Building agreement and since the contractors never even heard of the NMA they voted with the Union then they proceeded to sue Chellino under the terms of the MARBA agreement. Talk about the baby not getting its own way. Chellino was forced to file another grievance against the union asking for interpretation whether the NMA was a stand alone agreement or did the building agreement apply at that facility for that project. And guess what Chellino won that grievance also. So that means that the very thing the Local was afraid of, losing control of the craft foreman, they will get because of their own stupidity and lust for revenge All grievances won by the contractor were upheld. The NMA is a stand alone agreement. The contractor has the absolute right to hire the craft foreman and assistant. So now this interpretation will allow any contractor signatory to the NMA to implement these important issues regardless of what the union wants. It also means that the charges brought against the two members were brought falsely under the wrong agreement. This is sweeney justice, this is a matter of trust, this is your appointed leadership. To this day Chellino continues to be threatened by Sweeney. It is rumored that the business agents and Sweeney himself are trying to get people not to use Chellino crane. gee I wonder if they have a favorite? This type of action against a good Union contractor certainly is affecting his business. I hope all the good union members at Chellino are listening, Sweeney is screwing you out of work. So much for brotherhood.

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