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King Sweeney and his administration continue losing precious ground for members of local 150. In a stunning defeat, involving bumbling missteps by VP James McNally, the Sweeney administration lost a crucial jurisdictional dispute, the hearing even included a appearance from Bill Dugan himself. Although it seems our equipment is safe from the laborers for now, this decision could lead to a huge assault by the laborers organization on future equipment challenges, and your jobs. The award comes from a challenge by the Laborers in the city of Chicago over plantsmen on a Walsh hospital job downtown. If you read the document carefully you will see where Dugan tried to steal the laborers jurisdiction years ago with the help of the teamsters and a Local 703 official Dominic Senese, a rumored Mafia associate. The sad part of this saga is that all those jobs Bill Dugan stole from the laborers (plantsman and such) were jobs that Local 150 and Bill Dugan wrote and negotiated substandard wages and working conditions for. ("until entrance into an agreement with the Illinois Landscape Contractors Bargaining Agreement, which included a a new job category"PLANTSMAN", when the engineers negotiated a wage rate less than half of the Laborers rate of pay.") Those cheap wages Dugan negotiated didn't add anything to operating engineer job security, it sure hell didn't raise the standard of living for anyone, I believe Dugan did it only to get more dues money and increase members numbers for the IUOE. Dugan didn't care one hoot about that classification, but he sure cared about the dues money it brought in with little or no representation. Now Sweeney has another huge problem. VOTES! Which was the other reason Dugan and Sweeney covet these cheap laborers jobs, they used them to get votes in the past union election, more hispanic workers voted in the last election than in every past election in Local 150. Yea Votes, lots of them, you see the landscape contractor bosses control the landscape workers, not the union, and if the contractor wants labor peace or to be left alone he tells the workers to hand in the ballots to the foreman and the foreman gets them to the BA, its about the VOTES! Unfortunately for Local 150 members this isn't the only loss suffered lately under the Sweeney Kingdom, what about your pension? Not only has the pension fund lost huge equity, almost a $BILLION, they lowered the multiplier for your future retirement and your children and grandchildren, plus it is now going to cost you more of your future negotiated wages. And what about the working conditions in local 150, offices closed on saturday, working 4 tens on jobs in our jurisdiction for the first time ever. We seem to be losing more every day under the Sweeney Kindom. I hate to say I told you so, because I still love this local more than anything, its the leadership I distain, but, I told you so!

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