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Dave Fagan Missing in action

A few thousand unions members rallied at the indiana State House in Indianapolis against a measure to change the language in the states unemployment laws. They voiced their displeasure at a Senate Republican proposal supported by Governor Mitch Daniels and which relies in part on decreased benefits for laid-off workers and a more stringent definition of "seasonal employee" to fill an unemployment fund deficit of about $1 billion. This bill is wholeheartedly supported by the anti union Governor Mitch Daniels who was supported by the many of the Building trades members and leaders including Dave Fagan and Bill Dugan. Ironically it will be these members, our members and many other unions that will directly feel the effect of this terrible legislation if this measure is enacted into law. Union members from around the state converged on the Statehouse on Monday to loudly proclaim their opposition to a plan to fix the state's bankrupt unemployment system by toughening standards for workers to qualify for benefits. More than 2,000 union workers packed into the north atrium at the Statehouse for a rally, while more waited in line to get into the building or milled around outside. Dave Fagan quoted in the 150 Engineer said, "Local 150 Business Agents were sent to support the Indiana Building Trades in its fight over a recent bill introduced in the Senate." However Dave Fagan the IUOE Local 150 officer who supported his reelection and pimped for him at every turn of the campaign was nowhere to be found.Wouldn't you think he would be leading the charge?

Probably so he would't have to defend his support for his so called friend of labor Governor Mitch Daniels. Its amazing that this union leader can look his members in the eye and keep a straight face. Apparently people have forgotten what he did when he was elected, he took away union rights. now he supports taking away unemployment rights, and you dont think he will take away the rest of your union rights?

When are the Local 150 members in Indiana going to wake up, with idiots like Fagan and Dugan leading our union we will be lucky to have any work or members left.


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