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"Madam Secretary, Stop The Corruption Cover-up"


Who's side is she on?

LIUNA Local 166 Hodcarriers & Bricklayers Local 3 Members Picket USDOL "Stop The Corruption Cover-up"

Rank and file members of bay area locals LIUNA Local 166 of the Hodcarriers and Bricklayers Local 3 leafletted

and protested in front of the US Department of Labor In San Francisco on March 1, 2010. They charged that

the department has failed to act over illegal retaliation for union activity and also malfeasance and theft of

union resources. They demanded that the laws be enforced. There have been no prosecutions for five years

under Section 610 of the statute that prohibits retaliation against members for union activities. This is the same

department of labor that has been investigating Bill Dugan for 4 years and so far cant find their behind with both

hands. He took tens of thousands of dollars from staff, probably never reported tens of thousands in christmas

presents from staff, hauled corn to Maryland with union resources for years, and had items made at the training

site by union personell on union time, he led a election campaign that cheated members, stole votes and sold

union cards, but the DOL still hasn't found anything? We have an International with corrupt locals all over

the country and they still dont seem to be able to protect the members. What the hell is a members to do?

It's time to revolt. Email the Secretary and tell her it's time to protect members from union corruption.

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