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Sweeney cuts wages, what a joke!


Wow have you heard the latest rumor? President Jim Sweeney supposedly cut Local 150 admistration pay a whopping 7% for Officers and Staff. 7%. Is he kidding? The average BA salary in Local 150 is the highest in the IUOE, $132,000. Our bloated Business Agent salary for the Local is almost 4 and half million dollars more than the largest local, a local that has nearly twice the membership and more jurisdiction than any Local. What the hell is he thinking? He is going to close the offices early and on saturday, the only people that helps is the BA's, they get more time off than before. The people it hurts are the poor hard working office girls who are not represented buy a union and now will lose income they cannot afford to lose. I am pretty sure that the BA's will not miss a measly 7% reduction because in June they get another automatic contract raise. One raise unfortunately most members wont get because they are not working. And boy those officers will really be struggling when the 7% hits their $200,000 plus salaries. What a friggin joke. If you want to cut cost Sweeney cut the bloated BA payroll of agents who don't seem to be doing anything for the membership. When a company needs to cut costs they cut waste, not salaries.Cut the number of agents! In 1986 there were 24 Business Agents and the work load was the same as it is right now. How do you justify 75 business agents when there is no work. Besides that the business agents are on salary, they should be working for you 24/7, thats what we did when I was a BA. So go ahead and cut their salary, but make them work even harder. We took calls at all hours, we visited jobs on all shifts and did whatever the members needed. Cutting BA hours only punishes the members. Get real.


All information concerning local union salaries provided in this blog can be verified at the USDOL website

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